My Experience of 6 Month Smiles – Adult Braces

For years and years I was petrified of the Dentist, I avoided visiting for over 10 years. At 16 I didn’t need Braces, I had straight teeth, however when my wisdom teeth came through and my mouth became overcrowded my front teeth looked bucked. For years I hated my smile, I hated every photo of myself, after getting engaged in late 2013 I decided it was time to stop wallowing, stop being scared of the unknown and do something about it. I wanted a smile I was proud of and a smile I wouldn’t hate in all our wedding photos.

I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and did a lot of Googling, a lot of research and asked for recommendations. A close friend recommended her Dentist, a close friend of hers. After a couple of calls to practices and a little more research I was ready to book a consultation with the recommended Broadway Dental practice in North London.

IMG_2351At my free consultation my dentist was friendly, calming and entirely knowledgeable. Going in I was filled with anxiety, I was scared and nervous of what they would say about my horrible teeth and how much all the work I thought I would need after all these years would cost. I left feeling happy, relaxed and ready to start the process, not once did I feel pressured either.

I went for 6 Month Smiles, they’re ceramic white Braces that are much less noticeable than traditional silver Braces, plus the process only takes between 4-9 months. Next I was scheduled in for my 1st proper appointment, there I was given my first ever filling, molds were taken of my teeth and some before photos were taken. I then went from being someone that spent 10 years avoiding the dentist to a 1.5 hour appointment and signing up to months and months of ongoing appointments.

It’s a real commitment. You have to be serious about the results and making time to attend the appointments and looking after your Braces/teeth, otherwise it’s not worth the investment (both time and money). Once my Braces were attached I had a week of mouth ache, my teeth hurt, but I consoled myself with a few paracetamol and told myself they should hurt, they’re being moved after all! The wires/brackets did rub my mouth and it did feel weird, after a lot of talking the inside of my mouth would be sore, and sometimes I’d feel really self conscious. Most people didn’t even notice the Braces, and in most photos you can barely see them. My fiancé did however lovingly liken me to a camel moving its mouth/lips for my time with them (that’s love right there). I struggled with any solid food for about a week, I missed being able to eat Baguettes, hard crusted bread and popcorn. I also missed that extra 10 minutes sleep in the morning and not having to brush my teeth after every single meal without feeling gross. However it was all worth it, the weirdness, the pain, the ulcers, and the rushing to appointments from work.

After around the 6 months I had the Ceramic Braces removed (it feels very strange and the sound during removal is an interesting one, thankfully my dentist warned me about the noise before – sounds worse than it is). With my previous research and after speaking to my dentist I was aware that sometimes you can have discoloration from the Braces. As a big coffee drinker I was worried, so made sure I changed to always drinking through straws, I was happy to find I had no discoloration at all. I was also told to change from whiting toothpaste to a combination of Colgate Total and a high fluoride prescription toothpaste. I am likely to continue with drinking through straws to stop my teeth staining.

After having the brackets removed it was onto the final tweaking with Trays/Clear orthodontic aligners, what most people would think of/know as InvisalignHalf way through my experience I wondered if I should have gone with clear aligners, but now I’ve tried the method I am 100% happy with my decision. Personally I think clear aligners are great if you are flexible enough to visit the dentist every 7-12 days, are ok with having to take the trays out (it’s not always simple, the first few times were hard) for every single meal and snack for at least 12-24 months. I can see the attractions – they can barely be seen, and they don’t rub the inside of your mouth. Personally they felt more inconvenient and intrusive, but that said they have completely stopped my snacking and I have lost my sweet tooth. For me the annoyance and the fact they take a lot longer than fixed braces to move your teeth reaffirmed my decision. I’d rather 9 months than 12-24!

I’m 2 trays away from my final smile and I can’t wait to compare the before and after. Once I am done I will have a permanent small retainer fitted behind my teeth and also wear a clear aligner at night. After the time and money spent on perfecting my smile I don’t want it going anywhere. My journey wasn’t pain free but it was completely bearable and my dentist and the staff at Broadway Dental were always helpful, friendly and approachable. I have gone from completely dreading the dentist to feeling completely comfortable with my visits. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and already have to a couple of very close friends! The decision to actually do it was the best thing I ever did. I haven’t regretted my decision, my dentist or 6 Month Smiles for a second. I haven’t been paid for this review and I paid in full for my treatment. I wanted to give a truthful and informative view of my experience because if anyone is thinking about getting adult Braces, do it, if your smile is making you unhappy it will change your life positively, it certainly has mine.


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