30 Before 30

Around 18 months ago I decided I needed a 30 before 30 list, my Bucket List was and still is growing so much. So, I wanted a list of achievable, exciting and challenging things to accomplish in the few years before I hit the big three-zero. I wanted things that weren’t too ostentatious, and importantly things I wanted/want to achieve now rather than later.

In the past 18 months I have managed to tick off a few, and it’s hit me that with just 11 months to accomplish the rest I need to up my game.

Many things can sit on someone’s Bucket List and never get accomplished, the push to do them isn’t there, the sense of a life time to complete them can mean it’s easy to leave joining the gym until tomorrow or signing up for that cake class until next time it’s on Groupon. (tick and tick!)

So, here goes! Plus, once they’re here it feels like there’s no going back!

30 before 30

[ ] 1. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.
[ ] 2. Buy a house.
[X] 3. Revisit the Indian Ocean.
[X] 4. Own a designer handbag.
[ ] 5. Own a pair of designer shoes.
[X] 6. Buy my own car.
[ ] 7. Own something from Tiffany’s.
[X] 8. Get a pay rise.
[X] 9. Stay at a Mandarin Oriental/Raffles hotel.
[X] 10. Stroke a Safari Animal.
[ ] 11. Start and maintain a gym routine again.
[ ] 12. Perfect my Make Up routine
[X] 13. Visit the Cotswolds.
[X] 14. Go on a Hen do.
[ ] 15. Buy a Mac.
[ ] 16. Visit Dubai.
[X] 17. Save up a deposit (ongoing)
[ ] 18. Own the 10 key wardrobe pieces/staples
[] 19. Start and maintain a travel/lifestlye blog.
[X] 20. Learn how to decorate cakes.
[ ] 21. Learn more about Photography and InDesign/Photoshop
[ ] 22. Learn to cook something new every month.
[X] 23. Eat at a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant
[X] 24. Watch a west-end show.
[X] 25. Get Contact Lenses.
[ ] 26. Read 12 books in 12 months.
[X] 27. Get Engaged.
[ ] 28. DeClutter my Wardrobe
[ ] 29. Fix my smile.
[X] 30. Get a professional massage.

I want to document the next 11 months, the final months of life as a twenty-something. I’m excited yet apprehensive. Here goes nothing!

I’d love to hear about your Bucket-list or your ’30 before 30′ so please share yours with me!


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