Primer Woes

Mac Prep And Prime Primer Make Up Beauty Best AmazingAs my friends will vouch I love to find a bargain, to know I managed to save myself a few pounds or even better a few hundred pounds gives me a little bit of satisfaction, and of course its the little things that matter. I find my most expensive purchases (after bills and holidays) is beauty and cosmetic products. I don’t spend ridiculously on my choice in products but am a huge Dior cosmetics fan (after my beloved Chanel Foundation was discontinued and the replacement never quite living up to it).

Whenever I’m at the Airport I always try to pay a visit to the Mac and Dior duty free counters, otherwise I tend to only buy things on offer or if they are my daily essentials. Apparently most females waste £1k a year on unused beauty products; I didn’t even think I spent that much on cosmetics in one year!

A couple of weeks ago my favourite Mac Prep and Prime primer ran out. Other than complete love for this product (smooths my skin out, great base for foundation, makes my foundation last longer and doesn’t smell terrible like many i’ve tried). I have two gripes with this primer, the fact it only comes in factor 50 (I returned from Tuscany with a completely different colour face to body) and the packaging. It’s the worst Mac packaging I’ve experienced.

After being completely unsure if there was any product left in the very stiff, odd shaped bottle, I decided to cut it open and I discovered (like with the well known Urban Decay eye primer) that there was still around 10 days worth of primer left. So 5 minutes later I had saved myself a dangerous lunchtime trip to Boots.


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