To Stress or not to Stress…My break up with Worry

Worry Stress It Will never happen be happySo, I used to be an eternal worrier, stressing and worrying about things that had happened, might happen, are happening & even those things that will never ever happen. I couldn’t help it, I probably spent about 40% of my day stressing about being late, being too slow, being too fast, being annoying, being rude, being too nice and probably stressing about stressing.

However,  last year I learnt from the help of some amazing friends that I don’t need to stress, that stressing about every single detail isn’t going to change things. In fact if anything it just makes it worse, and gives me high blood pressure.

So I ended last year by breaking up with stress; and it feels pretty damn good, there were some false starts and tears along the way but I think I’m getting there. It probably helped that I had an amazing three week trip to Asia, then Christmas and New Year otherwise it could have all ended with me eating my metre long bar of Galaxy in front of Sex in The City reruns stressing about the fact my wardrobe does not rival Carrie Bradshaw’s.

Adiós Stress!

What are your Stress relievers? Is Retail therapy your answer?

If you suffer from Panic attacks, Stress, or Anxiety you aren’t alone. Zoe from one of my favourite Blogs Zoella shared her experience on her Youtube Channel and her Blog. I learnt from talking with my friends that everyone worries, panics and stresses sometimes, we just have to learn which is the best way to manage it for us.


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