Confessions of a Shopaholic

Image by SnapTravelShop

I think shopping is part of my genetic make up. I grew up with my father always sighing and joking about having no more space when my mother went anywhere near the handbag section. My partner now does the same to me, but it isn’t just handbags he sighs at before dragging me away.

When you move in with someone, suddenly the huge wardrobe space you once enjoyed filling with pretty purchases is halved, you stare at your wardrobe trying to work out how you can cram it all in, you will try anything to avoid taking 6 black bags of clothes to charity without tears streaming down your face. Clothes are a serious matter in our household. According to him I have too many, and according to me I never have anything to wear.
We dream of the day we finally house our prised purchases in our ‘his n hers’ walk in wardrobes/dressing rooms. I have dreams of Carrie’s New York Apartment wardrobe that Mr Big made her complete with Manolo’s, just like every other SATC fan.

I could spend hours shopping, growing up I wanted to be a personal shopper, shopping is one of my favourite de-stressing activities. It’s too easy on a grey rainy Saturday to jump in the car and go shopping, escape the cold and buy pretty things. The thing with shopping is there is always something new, something pretty that catches my eye, a never ending cycle. Working in the West End doesn’t help; spending lunch breaks popping in and out of shops is the best way to spend my wages fast.

To help combat my addiction I have decided to stop shopping just to pass the time, to think over every single purchase, all too often I fall into that easy trap of buying something, skipping the changing room queue and taking it home to realise how ridiculous it looks on. Instead all purchases must be tried on, must be needed somehow, and must be thought about more than “oh that’s such a pretty colour, I’ll take 5”.

Do you have any tips for stopping that temptation to shop? How do you revamp your wardrobe on little to nothing?


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