What’s your Passion?

Tourist_Passion_Travel_Blog_Guide_WanderlustWhat is your one passion in life? Is it Football, Food, Extreme Sport, Travel? Most people have at least one thing that they hold close to their heart, something that no matter what, they keep itching to do more and more of.

Mine is undoubtedly to travel the world, to explore just like Christopher Colombus. I itch to book an around the world ticket, packing up my life has crossed my mind many times. Itineraries and quotes have filled my inbox but I haven’t had the guts to actually take that leap to leave my job, leave my family, friends, boyfriend and the life I have in London.

Instead I make do with as many holidays as possible. The places I have visited have left me with amazing memories and a ridiculous number of photos. I live for that feeling of experiencing a new country, a new culture, something that even when I’m gone still continues just as I left it each and every day. There is nothing better than watching another amazing sunset, taking in another breathtaking view or sampling another local delicacy.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a favourite holiday, nothing since has ever quite compared, some come close but never quite hit that spot of true paradise.

That said I am by no means an experienced traveller, I haven’t experienced hostels (expect for that one time in Amsterdam), I haven’t lived out of a backpack for 3 months, but I still have the same passion as those who have and do. I truly believe that the best way to see a city is to wonder, to explore, to find those wonderful parts of the world that aren’t in guide books.

My first solo holiday, where I was young and naive I visited a standard high street travel agent. I was shown photos of places in holiday brochures, told how popular hotels were with young families (which I don’t have), told that the travel agent visited once to use the bathroom and thought the reception looked great. The entire way through I smiled politely then ran home and used good old Google because I didn’t believe what she was telling me. I don’t think I’ve been to a travel agent since. I can (and do) spend hours searching for reviews, candid photos, professional photos and Youtube videos of the places I want to go to. I create hotel lists, narrow them down, stress a little (ok, stress a lot) and then change my mind a further 6 times. Once I am on that holiday I don’t worry one bit about all the planning, all the analysing and stress, because all I am doing is revealing in how lucky I am to be there.

Paradise didn’t happen like the above, the saying “it just happened” is as accurate as you can get. On a browse through a weekly email something caught my eye, the link was forwarded on as a jokey email dream sharing type of thing, and suddenly 72 hours passed and we had a 1 month countdown to paradise.

No other email has quite changed my life as much as that one.


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