I’m not talking MI6 spy secrets, just those little things that sometimes you keep to yourself so that those short term dreams stay yours and don’t become someone else’s new and stolen dreams.

I was recently discussing this with some friends, they whole heartily agreed and pitched in with their experience of that kind of ‘friend’, which it seems everyone has had at some point in their life.

It’s that moment growing up, where a friend turns up in exactly the same pink pedal pushers as you, grinning ridiculously like it’s the best thing ever….I know what you’re thinking, yes ok…. I made the pedal pusher faux pas, I was 13!

As we grow up it continues with handbags, shoes, dresses, even baby names! Is nothing sacred among friends anymore? Do you worry that your friends might pip you to the proverbial post and have ‘your’ wedding, ‘your’ honeymoon or use ‘your’ baby name before you get the chance?!

Instead of boring the world with my future dreams I sit Pinterest-ing them in private, my very own James Bond secret file of the future. Unfortunately I’m no Bond girl, and my Aston Martin isn’t just in invisible mode right now.

Do you ever hold back on telling people your dreams or did you too spend a day walking around in matching pedal pushers?


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